Longueville Park, Longueville

Lane Cove Council approached Play Workshop to assist in the upgrade at the Longueville Park playground, utilising our strength in bespoke play equipment. Play Workshop have designed, supplied, and installed the customised play equipment, following Council’s original concept.

The feature equipment is the timber play structure and the eagle’s nest, that are inspired by the form and features of a ship. Primarily working with timber and rope components, these custom designed pieces exemplify Play Workshop’s creativity and craftsmanship. This theming is carried
throughout the playground design.


In addition, Play Workshop also supplied a swing set and integrating the new equipment with existing park furniture and features.

Location: Stuart Street, Longueville NSW 2066


  • Custom timber structure with sandstone scramble, port hole, 1200 plastic slide, ships wheel, and rope net hammock

  • Custom eagles nest with rope climbing nets

  • Big timber quad swing